Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Better to be in low profile.....

Salam and hye to all.Since I enter MRSM Langkawi,I feel really down because around me are the talented students from all the states in Malaysia but me only the student in Langkawi Island that study in the remote area of Langkawi.If I don't really patience,maybe I stay at MRSM Langkawi only for a few weeks.But there are hope from others that make me strong to gone through the challenge.

Before I get the offer from MRSM Langkawi,I do not hope anything but when I get it,I ask many people and they thought better I be in MRSM Langkawi because of the opportunity I will get.So,that are hope from them.So,that I have strenght to be there for about 2 years.My result always not outstanding but I try to be in the middle.Maybe that is my habit to be only in the middle.not so outstanding and not so bad.

When I come to Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS also the same thing again repeated.I only be the best among the rest not the best among the best.Maybe this semester my resolution will be done to get the best among the best.
Some pictures in Lost World Of Tambun,Ipoh,Perak
Okay,Now we leave the above thing out.Come to my Chinese New Year holiday story.The first day of the foliday which is on saturday my friends and I just han out in the UTP.Plan to go Ipoh is cancelled because of some reasons.The next day we go to Ipoh without having plan to go where.We go to The Lost World of Tambun.Just want to see from outside.We go there a little bit late.Around 3 o'clock.It's already late.So, we just take pictures from outside only.

Some picture at Gunung Lang,Perak
After that we move again without any destination.Now,we have one idea to go to Gunung Lang Recreational Park at Ipoh Utara.
If you are interested to go there,you can exit to Ipoh Utara from Lebuhraya Utara Selatan and follow the direction to Ipoh.The road to Gunung Lang is next to stesen PETRONAS.The scenery there is very beautiful.Maybe I didn't have a digital camera,so the picture is not so good but it really beautiful scenery.
After that, we all go to Lumut until 1am.When we are going back,there are a lot of firework like new year.Yeah,of course new year but this is chinese new year...hehehe...
So,these are some story when I and my friends being in UTP on Chinese New Year Holiday.Soo,booring but this travelling acivities makes us happy.I having a holiday with my friends.It is great but I really miss my family.

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