Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Earth Day 2008

Yesterday is the EARTH DAY in the world.The objectives of the earth day are to give the knowledge to the people on how to conserve and preserve the world,how to control global warming and to make the people realize that we will be in disasters if we not control the pollution.

We have to realize that if there is the human,there will have that pollution.We can do is try to reduce the percentage of pollution that we make in this world.We cannot hundred percent stop the pollution but we can control it.So that,that pollution that we made still can be control.Everybody can contribute in this effort to make sure our world is clean.

Many energy wasted started at home.In the kitchen,refrigerator can give use a lot of energy wasted and can increase our electric bills.The first thing we have to do is don't put the refrigerator close to the wall.Make some space between the wall and refrigerator to allow the heat from refrigerator can move and set the temperature that suitable for storing the food.

Besides,we can used the compact fluorescent light bulbs(CFL) that can save about 90% of the energy of the commen bulb that we use now.By using CFL,we can save the electrics and also save our money beside reduce the pollution to the nature.Individual can reduce the quantity of water used per house by reducing the time to take bath.The shower that we use also have to change to the shower that used less water.

So,when somebody said this world is hot.Think again what have we done to the world and what have we done to control the global warming.Actully,everybody can contribute thier effort to control the global warming and pollution.Try to find the way and help everybody to save the nature....