Monday, January 19, 2009

Today the journey is begin...

Hye,today is 19 January  2009.The semester break was end yesterday and today is day to start back the journey.Eventhough I feel like not ready but I have to try to be ready if I want to achiave my target for this semester.The subjects for this semester is lesser than last semester which are:

Chemistry II
Physics II
Engineering Mathematics II
Introduction to Computer an Information Technology
English II

Although there are a few but each subject contribute a lot of pointer for Grade Point Average(GPA) because each subject have 4 credits hour.So,the conclusion is I need to work harder to achieve my resolution for this year which is to get 4.00 for GPA.

So,when the journey is back,that's mean there are new challenges are coming and if I am not ready,I maybe can go through it but in such a bad condition.Therefore,getting myself ready for every minute and second is the priority.

For that,the first important thing I have to do is always pray to Allah and believe that Allah will help me if I help His religion.Second,try to improve myself,my study skills and also my friends.If I get excellent,I cannot be happy when see my friends cannot get excellent.And maybe the last one for now,study smart and study hard.I always do study smart but a little bit study hard.maybe that make me cannot get perfect in my result.

Last but not least,I hope everyone can give cooperation and commitment in their study so that we can achieve our goal excellently.To get that, everyone have to work harder and pray to God.InsyaAllah we will achieve it.HAPPY STUDY and GOOD LUCK TO ALL MY FRIENDS!!!

~Our daily life is all related to religion~

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