Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Leadership Traits To be a Great Leader

Assalamualaikum and Hye to everyone...

One day, I wonder how to be a great leader?Why there are people who lead the organisation can make a friendly condition in the company. But some can be like a family in the company even though they are CEO of the company.Why? The process of finding the answer come to one solution.I found a book entitle "The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader" written by John C. Maxwell.I buy the malay version not the english version. Here I would like to share with all how I fell by follow the tips day by day.Today is the second day,so I will tell about the first quality of a leader which is Character.

Character is the thins that we can choose to be.We are not born to be like who we are now but we choose to be who we are now. The obstacle that we face will show our own character.If we want to be a great leader, we have to be strong to fixed with our own principle. We also care about the achievement about ours and others. To be a great leader, we need to search,Seeking deeply in ourselves about the bad thing that we have.find the way to counter it and if there are obstacle in life,do not run from it but face it with what we have.Use the knowledge that we have to be strong and we will get the valuable experience.

After I practice it in one day,it change me to be a strong and motivated person,not easily give up and find the advantage to improve myself.These only a few thing that I realise but there are a lot I have learn throughout a day follow the tips to get the quality.

Jangan sesekali tinggalkan prinsipo dan pegangan anda hanya kerana tidak mahu membuat kacau - Dag Hammarskjold,Statesman dan Pemegang Hadiah Nobel -

In the next post,I will tell the second quality of a leader so that we also can get benefits from the book.We need to remember even though we are not a leader to a company ororganisation but we are the leader to ourselves.So, by having a great qualities of a leader,we can manage the world and build a great civilization which benefits human being and nature...

Reference: Maxwell, J.C.(1947) The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader