Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Global Warming:How You Can Help...

How you can help

1. Save lives and the planet by not eating meat

The 2006 United Nations report, Livestock’s Long Shadow, documents the livestock industry’s 18% contribution to global warming, which is more than the warming effect of all transportation throughout the world.

A 2007 report from the Earth Institute affirms that a plant-based diet consumes only 25% of a meat-based diet.And changing from a meat-based to a vegetarian diet is at least 50% more effective in counteracting climate change as switching from a Suburban SUV to a Toyota hybrid car.

“Please eat less meat ? meat is a very carbon intensive commodity. Don't eat meat, ride a bike, and be a frugal shopper ? that's how you can help brake global warming.” - Rajendra Pachauri, Chief of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

International environmental organization EarthSave features VEGPLEDGE!TM at, a program dedicated to helping anyone who wants to benefit the planet with a Go Veg! pledge.

Research by University of Chicago geophysics professors Gordan Eishel Gidon Eshel and Pamela Martin concludes that going vegan for one year saves 1.5 tons of emissions relative to the standard American diet, 50% more than switching from an SUV to a Toyota Prius.

New York Times article written by Mark Bittman, a non-vegetarian, explains the detrimental cost of meat consumption to our planet, our health, and to the poor.

If each person in the Netherlands goes meat-free one day per week, the lowered emissions would equal the Dutch government’s goals for emission reductions for all households for one year.

A vegetarian driving a Hummer SUV is more environmentally friendly than a meat-eater on a bicycle.

In South America, where 400 million hectares of soya crops are fed to animals for human consumption, only 25 million hectares would be needed be needed to directly feed all the humans in the world.

2. Recycling does make a difference
California estimates that state-wide recycling saves energy to power 1.4 million homes, reduces 27,047 tons of water pollution, saves 14 million trees and reduces greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 3.8 million cars.

The Technical University of Denmark found that recycled aluminum uses 95% less energy than non-recycled aluminum, 70% less energy for plastics, and 40% less for paper.

3. Planting trees benefits our Earth

Two years after planting hardwood saplings in the wettest areas of Catahoula Parish, Louisiana Tech University scientists find each acre of reforested land sequesters sufficient carbon to offset driving a car for a year.

A US Forest Service Study showed that planting 95,000 trees in two counties in metropolitan Chicago provides cleaner air and will saves $38 million over 30 years due to lower heating and cooling costs.

4. Reduce carbon emissions with alternative energy transportation
A University of Chicago study indicates that driving a Toyota Prius electric-gas hybrid car will save 1 ton of emissions per year.

Locally-grown food is deemed to have a lower carbon footprint, as demonstrated by an 2003 Iowa State University study, which found non-local food had traveled an average of 1,494 miles, versus 56 miles for local food.
“I try to save energy by using my bicycle to travel to work as often as I can.” - Margot Wallstrom, Vice-President of the European Commission

5. Energy efficiency and renewable energy can help renew our Earth

The American Council for Energy Efficient Economy recommends actions to reduce energy usage such as
turning off equipment when not in use.
installing Energy Star-rated appliances and programmable thermostats
insulating hot water pipes and using energy efficient bulbs.
Install solar panels as an alternative energy source.

Global Warming:Time to Act

Reminder of a major global warming cause:

In 2006, the United Nations reported that raising animals for food generates more greenhouse gases than all the cars and trucks in the world combined.

Senior UN Food and Agriculture Organization official Henning Steinfeld reported that the meat industry is "one of the most significant contributors to today's most serious environmental problems."


The Antarctic has been found to experience ice melts as dramatic as the Arctic in this past summer.

After he visited Antarctica's melting ice sheets in January 2008, Norway's Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg stated, "Alarm bells are ringing. It is irresponsible for decision-makers to ignore these signals."

Findings from a study by Hans von Storch, head of the GKSS Institute for Coastal Research in Germany, indicate an unusually high warming trend in the Baltic Sea due to climate change.

The world's largest society of Earth and space scientists, the American Geophysical Union (AGU), has released a statement that identifies human activity as the sure cause of global warming.

Scientists are finding that forests and seas are reaching overload, unable to absorb more emissions, which means even more rapid temperature rises.
With global temperatures up 1.4 degrees and still rising, John Holdren, a Harvard University policy scientist, said that a total increase of 3.6 -4.5 degrees would present the danger of the world facing "intolerable and unmanageable impacts of climate change."

In 20-year study conducted by the University of Helsinki,progressively shorter winters are now weakening the ability of northern forests to soak up greenhouse gas emissions.

Lead researcher Timo Vesala commented, "This means a bigger warming effect."

Global warming makes China's glaciers shrink by 7% every year, which could have devastating effects on the 300 million who depend on them for water.
Ponds in the Arctic that have been part of the landscape for 6,000 years have dried up with the lengthening of the Arctic summer.

Rising sea levels and bigger storms caused by global warming at Ireland's UNESCO World Heritage site may wash some of the great columns away.
Meteorologists at Norway's Troll research station in Antarctica say that atmospheric carbon has reached record levels.

The effects of global warming on the sea's temperatures have lead to the occurrence of "dead zones" in the ocean.

British geologists at the University of Leicester say that the changes to the environment due to increased human population and industrialization are so great that the planet's pre-industrial Holocene era is now over and it has entered a new age called the Anthropocene era.


A United Nations report on 2007's natural disasters says nine of the ten worst resulted from climatic disturbances.


Australian oceanographer Steve Rintoul estimates that the rapid rate of ice melting means that 100 million people living within 1 meter of sea level "will need to go somewhere" to escape rising sea levels.

Officials relocated 20,000 islanders in the year 2000 from the lowest area of Duke of York Island, one of the islands off Papua New Guinea.

India's Lohachara Island disappeared under water due to global warming leaving 70,000 people to take refuge on neighboring islands.

The coastline in West African countries like Benin, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Guinea,and Nigeria is retreating at an average of 10 meters per year, and sea water levels on the West African coast could continue to rise.

According to Richard Lochhead, Secretary of Rural Affairs in the United Kingdom, "Our winters are getting wetter and warmer, sea levels are rising and coastal erosion is increasing.
These are happening now and we must take action."

Scientists warn that if water levels continue to rise, over 80,000 hectares in Greece could be 1.6 meters under water by 2100, with the country's western coastline also at risk.

The Maldives could be the first country to become uninhabitable because of rising sea levels due to global warming.

Rising sea levels threaten beachfront towns along the coast of North Carolina, USA, say geologists.

Scientists measuring rising sea levels say that the island state of Tuvalu will be one of the first nations to sink into the ocean.

Some areas of Vietnam southernmost province, Cà Mau, show evidence of up to 6 meters of land covered up by the sea.

Benin is slowly losing its commercial capital, Cotonou, to the rising ocean waters.

Carteret Islanders consider leaving their home as rising sea levels damage food crops and leaves the island uninhabitable.

Environmental Coastal Regions published by the Wessex Institute of Technology reports risk assessment of coastal land use due to the rising water level of the Caspian Sea.

US Geological Survey shows that Alaska's coast is eroding at a faster rate as coastal cliffs are collapsing due to global warming's melting of the permafrost which anchors the earth.

Residents from Papua New Guinea islands, at risk for submersion due to global warming, asked for help at last year's climate change conference in Bali, Indonesia.

TOXIC GASES A report first published in 2005 describes how poisonous gas bubbling up from the deep ocean could have suddenly caused the loss of the ozone layer 250 million years ago.

The UN Environmental Program reports the emergence of over 200 oxygen-depleted "dead zones" in the ocean.

New bacteria emerge, producing hydrogen sulfide gas, which is lethal to most marine and terrestrial life.

The two known causes include run-off from factories, agricultural fertilizer and waste, as well as disrupted water currents and weather, all of which are related to global warming.

"Dead zones" in the ocean caused by global warming result in no life due to a loss of oxygen and the release of hydrogen sulfide, a toxic gas.

One such dead zone is in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Oregon, USA, which has quadrupled in size over the past year. Another is off the coast of Namibia, Africa,where millions of fish die whenever the hydrogen sulfide gas erupts from the ocean floor.

Due to overfishing and the loss of tens of millions of vital sardines, waters off the coast of southwest Africa are filled with a toxic gas that is bubbling up from the ocean floor, to date killing marine life over an area equivalent to the US state of New Jersey and worsening the greenhouse effect.


United Nations Secretary-General Ban urges world leaders to prioritize water security, saying that climate change and related water scarcity has caused discord in the past.

Dr. Hugh Montgomery, Director of the Institute for Human Health and Performance at London's University College states,"We are already witnessing the effects of climate change on health."

An Australian scientist, Professor Kevin Parton of Charles Sturt University in New South Wales, Australia, has stated that conditions caused by global warming such as mosquito-borne diseases may have much more impact on indigenous people due to their insufficient access to health services.

British scientists express concern about the detrimental effects of climate change on human health such as heat waves, wild fires and floods.

Australian researcher Dr. Tony McMichael reports in the British Medical Journal, "Infectious diseases cannot be stabilized in circumstances of climatic instability, refugee flows, and impoverishment."


In the Arctic, polar bears are starving due to the warming change in habitat.
Kassie Siegel of the Center for Biological Diversity, said, "We've observed massive melting of the sea ice in the Arctic in recent years, and they can't survive without it."

A quarter of US birds are facing extinction due to global warming, and 75% of European birds are expected to see their ranges shrink.

Scientists say that if global warming continues at its current pace, at least 20% of the world's species are likely to become extinct.

What world leaders are saying:
"The good news is, we have everything we need now to respond to the challenge of global warming. But we should not wait, we cannot wait, we must not wait."
Al Gore, 45th Vice President of the United States

"We know the science, we see the threat, and we know the time for action is now."
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger,R-California, USA

"I think the science is clear that these changes are occurring.They're serious and we must act."
Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada

"We need to expand the concept of sustainable development to all the aspects of social and economic development of society."
Chi-Beom Lee, Minister of Environment, Republic of Korea

"We are on the historic threshold of the irreversible. A new industrial revolution, that of sustainable development, lies before us."
Jacques Chirac, Former President of France

"Australia's official declaration today that we will become a member of the Kyoto Protocol is a significant step forward in our country's efforts to fight climate change domestically - and with the international community."
Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister of Australia

Saying that climate change and water scarcity has been the source of discord in the past, the secretary general stated, "There is still enough water for all of us - but only so long as we can keep it clean, use it more wisely, and share it fairly."
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

"We are now beyond a critical turning point in the debate; those who continue to ignore the threat and its causes, or invoke half-baked arguments to confuse and obstruct, will be doing the greatest disservice imaginable to current and future generations. "
Marthinus Van Schalkwyk, South Africa's Environment Minister

How To Control Global Warming

There is solution, only three steps, no? VEGETARIAN, SUSTAINABLE ENERGY, PLANT TREES. How more simple, can it be?

If the government and the media jump in and help and spread all this and say, "It's really urgent, and everybody must do it," then we still have time. Two years. Okay, it's short, but we have time to keep the planet as is. As is. Not as good as before, but as is. And not worse.

They ban cigarettes and it's banned. And they banned drugs, and it's banned. It's not legal. Yeah, and the cigarette reduction now reduce a lot of illness everywhere in the world. People know that. The same with the climate change policy. If they just do what they know is good, then it's very quick. In no time we will recover, or we stop the effect. Because if we don't raise any more cattle or animals, then the Earth will be more sustainable. No more greenhouse gas or methane gas from the animals. No more multiplying all the time. Whatever we have already, we keep it. And no more, raising for profit and meat. Then the Earth will recover.

This is the only important thing right now. First you have to survive and then you can do anything else you want, but if you don’t survive, you don’t have the planet, what's the use? Unless they want to kill their children. If that’s what they decided, what are we going to do?

You see, the gasses are fuming from the ocean and from the land that's been defrosting. It's fuming everywhere. It's just that at the moment, it's not so intense. And then you probably have a headache when you pass by some place, you don't know why suddenly the headache come, and you don't know suddenly your heart hurt, burned. You don’t know why today your liver is no good, and then you take medicine and you forget about it. But it'll be more and more intense if we don't do something. It started long time already. It's just not intensive enough yet, you know, the density. The gas amount is not yet so lethal. Okay, it is lethal to some people in some area where it's more direct, nearby. But most people, they live far away, a little effected or not yet effected. Or very little effect, then they just blame it, "Okay, I ate something bad yesterday, or maybe I drank too much alcohol." And blame it on drinking or food or bad mood, or maybe old age or whatever, don't know that.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Alam kita...

Hari ni aku keluar meronda2 setelah bosan berada di rumah.Kebetulan ibuku ingin ke Pekan Kuah.Untuk menghilangkan kebosananku aku ikut la sekali.Hilang jg boring klu keluar meronda2.Tp hari ni cuaca x begitu baik.Ada ribut la...Angin kuat gila...sedang dalam perjalanan pulang,aku mengharungi hujan yang lebat aku terfikir..pernak ke jadi ribut mcm ni kat pulau ni?klu ada pun x la sekuat ini...Mungkin kerana perubahan cuaca yang melampau...

Aku pernah terbaca byk artikel berkaitan pemanasan global...Para ahli meteorologi telah membuat anggaran iaitu sepanjang tempoh 4 hingga 5 tahun lagi sesetengah bandar yang maju seperti New York dan juga nergara belanda akan ditenggelami jika pemanasan global tidak dapat dikawal...Oleh itu,kita sebagai penduduk di Bumi ini perlulah mengambil langkah2 berjaga2 dan turut sama membantu dalam mengawal pemanasan global.

Pemanasan global berlaku akibat terlalu banyak gas rumah hijau seperti gas methana,karbon dioksida dan kloroflorokarbon menyelimuti atmosfera bumi seterusnya membentuk satu lapisan yang membenarkan haba memasuki bumi tetapi menghalang ia dari terbebas keluar dari kawasan bumi.Gas ini boleh menyerah haba dan menyimpan haba seterusnya menyebabkan peningkatan suhu bumi.Suhu bumi yang tercatat paling tinggi iaitu 41 darjah celcius.Peningkatan suhu dunia menyebabkan sebahagian besar kawasan ais di kutub mencair dan jika ia terus berlaku akan menyebabkan peningkatan aras air dan akan menyebabkan pelbagai bencana.

Peningkatan suhu bumi juga boleh menyebabkan gas berbahaya dari lautan ,meruwap dan menyebabkan keracunan gas kepada manusia.Gas yang terbebas ini boleh menyebabkan kematian seperti penggunaan senjata biologi.Ia merebat sedikit demi sedikit menyebabkan kematian manusia.

Kita sebagai penduduk di bumi ini dapat membantu mengurangkan pembebasan gas rumah hijau ini dengan mengitar semula sampah yang boleh dikitar semula.Jika kuantiti sampah dapat dikurangkan,pembebasan gas methana dan karbon dioksida dapat dikurangkan.Kita juga boleh mengurangkan penggunaan alatan elektrik seperti lampu dan kipas.Ketika tidak digunakan perlulah dimatikan dan jika hari yang cerah gunalah kuasa yang telah dibekalkan oleh matahari untuk mencahayakan rumah.Tidak perlulah dihidupkan sius lampu.Penjimatan elektrik boleh mengurangkan pelepasan gas yang dihasilkan untuk menghasilkan elektrik.

Pelbagai cara yang boleh kita lakukan untuk menyelamatkan alam sekitar dari dimusnahkan oleh sifat rakus dan tamak manusia.Kita mula dari rumah.Pabila sudah diamalkan ,ia dapat membantu usaha menyelamatkan alam.Antara penyumbang utama masalah pemanasan global juga adalah dari rumah.Oleh itu,marilah sama2 kita berusaha untuk menyelamatkan bumi ini.Usaha ini perlukan kerjasama dari semua penduduk.Jika hanya sesetengah pihak sahaja melakukannya ia tidak akan mendatangkan sebarang hasil...


Monday, March 24, 2008

Pelbagai Ragam

Bercerita memang sesuatu yang menyeronokkan.Mendengar cerita orang lain lagi menyeronokkan.Pelbagai suka dan duka dapat kita tahu.Itulah ragam kehidupan.Bukannya ada baik aje.Kalau semuanya baik tak meriah la kehidupan.kalau tiada cabaran tak teruji kemampuan dan kalau tiada pergaduhan tidak mencabar dunia ini.Oleh itu,kita semua memiliki akal masing-masing.Fikirkanlah apa yang terbaik untuk diri sendiri pabila menempuh cabaran dan rintangan dalam kehidupan.

Kalau dalam persahabatan,tidak semuanya baik.Kadang-kala kita hadapi salah faham.Ada juga yang meghadpi perpisahan.Namun itu semua perlulah dihadapi dengan rasional.Jangan sesekaliterus membuat kesimpulan tanpa berfikir panjang.Kalau seseorang itu mendiamkan diri,tidak semestinya dia ingin memutuskan persahabatan yang sedia terjalin.Mungkin dia sedang menghadapi masalah.mungkin dia ada perkara yang perlu disiapkan.Pelbagai kemungkinan yang ada.Jadi,jangan terlalu cepat membuat keputusan.Selidik dengan betul dan terperinci jika inginkan sesuatu hubungan itu kekal selamanya.

Pabila di tempat kerja,lagi banyak kerenahnya.Ada kawan datang berurusan.Kalau tak tolong nanti dikatakan sombong tapi kalau kawan yang datang itu ramai,takkan nak tolong kesemuanya.Teruklah macam itu.Jadi,buat keputusan yang rasional dan tidak membebankan diri sendiri.Jika sesuatu itu bolah mendatangan kebaikan kepada kita apa salahnya membuat kebajikan.

Yang paling penting sekarang ini adalah pemikiran yang rasional dan matang.Sesuatu keputusan yang dibuat dengan rasional dan mendapat pandangan dari pelbagai pihak dapat menghasilkan suatu kejayaan yang terbaik.mungkin tidak pada masa sekarang.Mungkin kejayaan itu tidak datang ketika itu tetapi ia akan datang pada suatu ketika yang betul2 kita perlukan...

Saturday, March 22, 2008


I was tagged by Wany...

Name 15 people from your class randomly without looking at the questions below.

--Now answer these questions--

1. Who is number 3's crush?
Ntah...xtau laa....hehe

2. What do you think of number 6?
She is the secret keeper to the classmate.She also know my secret...huhuhu...

3. How old is number 5?
Urmmm....17 years old...her birthday is last 2 days but I forgot to wish her(Happy belated birthday)

4. Is number 15 a class officer?
No...but he is the president of JPA...

5. If you think of number 13, what's the first thing that comes to mind?
Why everybody call him skud???

6. Do you have plans with number 4?
Plans???for now no but maybe next time.who knows...

7. How about number 7?
She is a debater.I always argued with her...

8. Does number 14 like anyone from your list?
Maybe she's not but someone like her I think...hehehe...

9. Name three things about number 10?
he is good in math and add math.A creative thinker.Suka main sudoku...

10. Do you remember the first time you actually said "hi" to number 11?
I don't remember when but I think when I be the LDP maybe...hehehe

11. Have you ever been groupmates with number 13?
almost all the time in EST class...

12. Have you ever had a fight withnumber 8?
Maybe not but I don't really remember because I don't want to think about the sad thing...

13. Do you chat often with number 9?
Every weekend...mengarut dgn KA,wani,husna n bro...

14. Are you and number 2 close friends?
I and he is close friends...he know all my secret maybe...but to KA,don't tell anybody about my secret!!!

15. Is number 1 pretty?
He is not pretty but handsome becoz someone like him...

16. What would you say if number 12and 14 were dating?
WHAT??? are best friends..

Now I want to tag


p/s:to wany,sorry i do your tag late...

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Skrg ni keputusan SPM07 dah keluar.Pelbagai keputusan yang tidak dijangka diperoleh oleh semua calon di seluruh negara.Bagi pelajar yang menginginkan kerjaya yang profesional seperti doktor,jurutera dan banyak lagi mungkin ada yang kecewa dengan keputusan yang diperolehi dan ada yang begitu gembira kerana segala yang dirancang mengikut perancangan.Namun begitu,kepada yang kurang berjaya janganlah terlalu kecewa kerana peluang belajar ada di mana-mana.Yang penting usaha.

Kepada sesiapa yang memilih kerjaya mengikut kata ibu bapa,fikir-fikirlah semula kerana mungkin kerjaya pilihan ibu bapa itu kurang sesuai untuk diri anda.Sebagai contoh,kebanyakan ior.Kbu bapa pada masa kini lebih mengingini anak-anak mereka menjadi doktor tapi fikirkan semula diri anda.Dengan sikap dan perangai seharian anda,adakah sesuai dan memenuhi kriteria-kriteria seorang doktor.Anda harus ingat,kerjaya masa hadapan itu adalah untuk kehidupan anda di masa hadapan.Jangan disebabkan orang lain,anda bekerja secara terpaksa di masa hadapan dan menyebabkan anda sendiri merana.Bagaimana kualiti kerja boleh ditingkatkan jika segala kerja kita dilakukan secara terpaksa?Adakah kerja yang dilakukan secara terpaksa boleh disiapkan secara berkualiti?Anda sebagai pelajar sudah tahu jawapannya.Oleh itu fikir-fikirlah sendiri.Mungkin kerana itulah,pakar-pakar mengesyorkan kaedah pemilihan kerjaya bermula dari meneliti sikap diri kemudian persekitaran kerjaya dan barulah prospek kerjaya.

Walaupun begita,anda janganlah begitu khuatir dengan keputusan yang anda perolehi.Segalanya tidak mustahil jika ada usaha.Yang penting jangan mudah putus asa.Ikut kata hati.buat pilihan yang terbaik.Ingat pada Tuhan.Ini yang paling penting kerana Dia yang menentukan takdir dan segala yang akan berlaku pada kita.

Selamat Berjaya dalam hidup.Jika anda rasa diri anda teruk maka anda telah merendahkan diri anda sendiri dan mengurangkan kekuatan pada diri anda.Tetapkan destinasi yang ingin dicapai dalam setiap pekerjaan yang anda lakukan kerana ia akan memberi kekuatan dalaman pada diri anda untuk mencapai kejayaan...

p/s:sebarang kemusykilan janganlah dipendam,jika ingin dibantu sudi-sudilah beritahu.Klu blh dibantu akan diusahakan.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Next Stage!!!

SPM 2007 result have been announce 3 days ago but I think maybe some of the candidates feel upset when get their results and maybe until now the can accept what the have got.Only one thing that I can say,SPM is the beginning of the journey to our future career.

I know maybe somebody have plan many thing but when the result is out, they can't accept it because they expect higher then what they can achieve.Now,the SPM result is out.So,we have to accept whatever grade we get.We have to think for our future.If we did not achieve what have been targeted,we have to check again what are the ability that we have based on the result.Don't blame ourselves to not get excellent but think positive.Be optimistic person.Try to search our own ability.Don't make others change ourselves.Be yourself.

Think like a farmer.They start with very high cost and expenditure but they can't expect all the plant will grow but they try.Same like us,we don't know what is our ability but we have to try.Give ourselves space to find the ability that we have.If we don't give the chance,we cannot know what we have.

So,now think again about our ability,habit and what we have.Don't lose hope when we cannot reach something that we expected.just keep trying and be optimistic.So that, we will always have new spirit to achieve what is been targeted everyday...


Hidup ini memang tidak dapat diramal.Kadang-kadang apa yg kita tak jangkakan, itulah akan terjadi.Mungkin setelah bangun dari tidur kita merancang sesuatu yang baik akan kita lalui pada hari ini tetapi kita tak tahu akan kemungkinan yang akan berlaku.Jika kita merancang sesuatu terutamanya kepada pelajar yang kini telah memperoleh keputusan masing-masing.Ada yang menjangkakan sesuatu yang baik seperti keputusan yang cemerlang iaitu semua 1A tetapi apakan daya kita.Mungkin rezeki bukan untuk kita pada waktu itu dan kita x memperoleh keputusan yang diimpikan.Kita harus ingat itu adalah kehidupan kita.Bukan semuanya baik yang akan kita hadapi.Walau sekuat mana kita usaha tetapi takdir sudah menentukan kita tak boleh nak buat apa.Samalah juga setelah dapat apa yang dimpikan,jangan sesekali lupa diri dan lupa orang yang kurang bernasib baik.Sesungguhnya hidup ini bagai roda,kekadang kita dia atas dan kekadang kita di bawah.Mungkin hari ini kita peroleh keputusan yang cemerlang namun sesuatu itu x dapt dijangka.mungkin kita pula akan mengalami kemerosotan pada masa akan datang.Oleh itu,bersyukur dan berterima kasihlah kepada sesiapa yang telah membantu kita dalam melalui hidup ini kerana mungkin nanti kita perlukannya lagi.Ingat jika kita peroleh sesuatu jangan lupa akan ucapan terima kasih kerana itu sudah cukup jika kita tidak mempunyai kemampuan untuk memberi sesuatu yang berharga sebagai penghargaan atas pertolongan orang lain.

Ingin aku ucapkan terima kasih yang tidak terhingga kepada ibu bapa yang sentiasa memberi sokongan dalam setiap keputusan yang aku buat walaupun tidak mengikut kemahuan mereka,namun aku cuba sedaya upaya untuk mencapai hajat mereka,guru-guru yang telah banyak memberi ilmu dari aku tidak mengetahui apa2 sehingga aku peroleh keputusan yang cemerlang dan juga kepada sahabat-sahabatku yang telah banyak memberi semangat kepadaku walaupun mereka tidak sedar akan kehadiran mereka taleh menguatkan semangatku untuk terus berada di maktab yang kini telah megah namanya dalam bidang pendidikan Malaysia kerana telah mendapat keputusan yang terbaik untuk SPM 2007.Kepada seseorang yang telah membuatkan aku lebih bersemangat setiap hari untuk belajar dan berusaha lebih tekun.Hanya ia sahaja yang mengetahui akan kelebihannya yang telah membuatkan aku bersemangat.Syukur yang teramat kepada Tuhan kerana telah memberikan ku keputusan yang cemerlang dan juga memberikan ku rakan -rakan yang telah menguatkan semangat ku.

Entah apa yang aku tulis aku pun tak tau.Sekadar untuk menenangkan perasaan yang kini sering gusar dan risau.Dengan cara ini aku dapat mengurangkan kegusaranku ini.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Aircraft Engineer

In malaysia,the job prospect for aircraft engineer is more compare to aerospace engineer because our country today is not the country which produce the aeroplane but we be the aeroplane consumer.So,our country need a lot of aircraft maintainer compare to aerospace engineer.

About this job,we did not need degree to enter this career.We only need to have Diploma in Aircraft Maintainance Technology.Then,after taking this diploma,we need to do practical to get experience and to attend the license test to get the license.After getting the license,we can work as Aircraft Maintaineance Engineer License(AMEL).There are many type of license.If we want to repair Boeing 747 aeroplane,we need to have license for it.The highest is License Aircraft Engineer(LAE) which we can choose which part of aircraft we want to maintain such as airframe, engine, instrument, etc.

In this career we can choose which part we want to work.If someone like to work with electrical and electronic equipment you can choose to do avionic which mean Aviation Electronic.You can choose between structure,avionic and mechanical.

Aircraft Maintainence Engineer/Technician are great demand locally/oversea by domestic & international:

-Airlines & LCC such as AirAsia,MAS,Firefly,Emirates
-Maintainance,repair and overhaul (MRO) companies such as Airod,GE
-Aerospace companies such as CTRM
-Aviation companies such as MFA,Sabah Air
-Air Forces/Polices air wing unit

The university that offer this course is UniKL MIAT,and Kolej TAFE Seremban.

Hope this post can help who want to be aerospace engineer or aircraft engineer to think again about their career.GOOD LUCK to all.