Thursday, May 29, 2008

Think about the future

When I look the weather today,I think there are so many changes to the weather.These come from one main cause which is global warming.I am a student cannot do the drastic action because lack of money and other equipments but by having an idea to solve the problem,at least,I can help the expert to get some solution to solve the problem.

Maybe today teenagers did not think a l0t about this problem.How it be?What is the causes n else.Actually,this problem cannot been solve by teenagers because we did not have the equipment.For teenagers,we should think about this thing for our future.If not we have to struggle in the future to find the solution.

So,we can take some initiative to control this phenomena in the house and school.For example,do recycle,reuse and reduce.We can control the production of the waste dump into the landfill.Other,we can plant a lot of plant.For the driver,use the vehicle wisely.Be a smart driver.We can reduce the quatity of fuel that we use everyday.

Finally,think smart,think enveronment.We not only save the environment but we can save our money.

Environment is for us to preserve it,not to destroy it.Having relation with nature can give us motivation.