Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Power Rangers

Hye,today I like to show something that mybe you may think I am childish but nevermind,this is my favourite action drama since I am in the kindergarden until now.Well, it like their action and it can give me some kind of moral support.It give values that we should have in our daily life.Maybe we watch them,they always fight with monsters or orge but in there were a lot of moral values that we can practice in daily life such as friendship,teamwork,be good and the most important thing to be yourself whereever you are and in any situation.You all try to watch them and explore it.Here are some of the picture of heroes in the new power rangers.Power Rangers Jungle Fury(2008).This year will out one more team of power rangers which is Power Rangers RPM.Watch it out....

A lot more picture will come.
Here are the list of power rangers from it is published until now:
1. Migthy Morphy Power Rangers
2. Power Rangers Zeo
3. Power Rangers Turbo
4. Power Rangers In Space
5. Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
6. Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
7. Power Rangers Time force
8. Power Rangers Wild Force
9. Power Rangers Ninja Storm
10. Power Rangers Dino Thunder
11. Power Rangers S.P.D
12. Power Rangers Mystic Force
13. Power Rangers Jungle Fury

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