Saturday, February 28, 2009

Managing Time and Stress

Assalamualaikum and hye all,it is very long time that I have not write in this blog.Today I have some free time to do it.The fact that I have not write the article about knowledge in long time.So,today I feel that I want to tell my experience managing time and stress after involving in th student body seriously.

Be in the student body which are Rakan Masjid(RM),Rakan Exco MPPUTP and Sekreteriat Rakan Muda(SRM) in one time could mad me a little buzy with the job that i need to do in the society.So, in the way to do all the work efficiently,I need to manage the time wisely.For the first one, set the todo list for you to prioritised the work that nned to be done in that day.It become more efficient if you can do it for everyday.Its mean that you will have the target to be done on that day.So,you time will not be wasting.After you have prioritised the work,now it is time to work on your time management.You need to decide which work need to be done first.With all work,don't forget about the study because I am the student and my study is priority.
To make thing more effective,It is good to make schedule for the work that need to be assign.State the date line for every work.So that you will not forget about the work and do the work last minute.Remember this,Last minute work will give a few achievement.So,better you settle the work earlier.Everytime you have free time,try to finished it.

When bundle of work come and it appear in the same time, there will be a tension work.So preparation to face the stress should be done.The most effective way to release your stress is by having time for yourself.That means you have time to mix with friends or be alone to think about self.It can give you some relaxation of mind and reduce your stress.Everybody willl hacing stress but the way we encounter it is the most important thing that make us different.Everybody have thier own still to relax.So,make it as the way to release stres efficiently because if you not reduce your stress,it will inviting new problem to your life.

So,to have a happy and cheerful life as a buzy student,WE NEED TO MANAGE THE TIME AND OUR STRESS,so that we can encounter them and happ with the job that we done.

Hopefully, this piece of writing can give some benefits to who are reading this blog.Thanks for reading.I will frequently write after this.InsyaAllah.

~ Time is Valuable,So,don't let it come and go without getting any benefits from it.~

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