Monday, July 28, 2008

Exhausted week???

Today start my second week of my study in UTP.I think it will be busier week than last week because the lab and tutorial classes has start this week.Hopefully,I will be active and energertic all the time for the whole day and whole week.Tommorrow will be the busiest day in every week because my class will start at 10a.m and end at 4p.m.I did not have time for rest on that time.I have to move from one block to another.Its so far between each blocks.

For my course,I got 2 foreign lecturers which are from Sudan and I already forgot the other one.hehehe...I have to be more focus in their classes in order to get and understand what they trying to say because they speak english in different dialect.The other lecturers in from local.They are very pleasent and very friendly with students.

Here of course not same as UIA or other universities that located in town.UTP is located in the area that can say a rural area.Very far from Ipoh and other place.Because of that I can save my money and use it wisely because I cannot go anywhere.Maybe one day I will rent a car and go outside,maybe to Ipoh,Tambun or Lumut to enjoy and explore Perak.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Today is the last day for the study day but I don't have any class today.hehehe.So,I settle up all my stuff and go out,walk around the campus and have talk with all my new friends.Actually,I really missed my old friends in former school especially the Urayville members.Hope they having a good day everyday.

This week is not very exhausted week because I only have lectures for the whole week.The tutorials and lab not start yet.It will be start in week 2 or 3.Maybe next week I will not busy yet.But in the first class for islamic study,we have got an projectwork to be done and hav to submit in 29 August.So,that is the first task that I have to do.My group have selected to do some research about economic.Hopefully,we can finish it on time.

All the first lectures,the lecturers tell about the objective and the outcome of every subjects.That are important because we need to get the outcome in the end of the semester.So,in the first study week,all lecture have finished chapter 1 for most of the topics.Study here I need to be prepare all the time if I don't want to blank in the lecture.I have to take 6 subject which are English,Islamic study,engineering mathemathic,physics,chemistry and thinking skill.The co-curricular activity will also consider in the pointer for our batch.So,we have to complete it succesfully in order to get high pointer.

Lastly,the thing that cannot avoid is homesick.hehe.but not me.Some of my friends have it.I only miss my family and life at home.but still can control it because there are many mission that are not completed yet.So,I will struggle in this 5 years study to get graduated with the first class degree and will try to change my convertable loan into scholarship and I will get the jobs.God willing...
there is always the time for changes,
don't waste it and don't wait until last minute.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's had started

From now I cannot online so many time because there a lot of work to be done.My university life was started this week.I have gone through the orientation week or known as Minggu Aluan Siswa(MAS).There a very different environment since I have to be with the people all around the world especially from Egypt and it is a great experience and many things and opportunities I get in here.My life like have been in the oversea...hehehe...

So,I will update my blog and tell more about MAS and the life in UTP but the theme of the writing will still the samme.I will put some motivational knowledge that can be apply in our daily life.Hopefully,my blog have give you all some benefits.