Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Langkawi Island (ZOOM MALAYSIA)

Hye all,today topic is about my hometown,Langkawi Island,the pearl of Kedah.In this semester break,I go around the island to find some great scenery and also the place that I really want to go which is for Island Hopping.But now I just want to tell some about the great place to visit when you come to Langkawi.
Jeti Kuah (Kuah Jetty)
Bangunan LADA(Langkawi Development Authority )
The first place that you will see of course the jetty or maybe airport if you come by plane.Then,the second place is Dataran Lang(Lang Square).This place where some concert being done here.It is great to watch the sunset scenery or if you want to have some rest peacefully with wind blow smoothly.
Eagle on Kawi Stone Statue
Some visitors from Taiwan I guest....
Ok,then the place who most of the visitors want to go is cable car or Oriental Village and Telaga Harbour Park.This lso because they want to watch the great scenery and they want to feel when transport to the top of the Machinchang Mountain by the most longest and maybe the steepest cable car in the world.
The two station on the top of the Machinchang Mountain.
This is the distance to go to the seventh well of Seven Well Waterfall
It is about 276 meters and about 718 steps from down.
Seven Well Waterfall is near to the Oriental Village or Cable car.
The other place That you can visit which is Underwater World Langkawi(Chenang Beach),Galeria perdana,Wildlife Park,Island Hopping(Kilim)Makan Mahsuri(Ulu Melaka),Beras Terbakar(Padang Matsirat),Black Sand Beach(Padang Lalang) and many more activities that can be done.One who like adventure and nature activities is suitable to make Langkawi as their holiday destination.Hopefully,the beautifull scene and nature held here can be conserve for the next generation.Ferry ticket price is RM25 for adult and RM18 for children.
Malaysia have a lot of place that can be visited and have their own uniqueness
banyak untuk dilawati..
banyak lagi untuk diterokai..

(Sorry for the blurr image,I am using phone camera)


  1. aku tak penah sampai gunung machincang..
    nex sem ar pegi umah kau..
    okeyH?? huhu

  2. klu nak dtg anytime..
    inform je...
    transport n penginapan di sini free...hehehe
    tiket feri tambang sendiri la ye.