Monday, January 28, 2008

News from MJSC Langkawi

The changes occur when the time passed by. Not even a second it left to us if we also didn't want to make the changes. We take a look at ourselves, is we are changed from last 10 minutes till now? Maybe we answer no but the truth is we have change but the changes cannot be seen. We can see the someone's mood. Now they are happy but only a few second they get mad. That why I said we always change.

Same to our college (MJSC Langkawi).Today (28/01/08) I have go there and meet some teacher and have chat with them for a while because they have to do a lot of things. There are many programs that will be organized to improve the achievement of the students in academics and also co-curricular activities. The one that I heard from the discussion between Cikgu Aminah (HEA) and Sir Hilmi was the SEED program. Yesterday, Program Gemilang (PG) 2008 has been launched and I think it’s earlier from our PG program last year which is launched on February.

My homeroom teacher, Miss KB that is also the LDP's teacher has to teach RC for this year. For Tabrani 06 member, we are always in her mind. Don’t forget here. I think she was the best homeroom teacher I ever have. As the homeroom president, I hope our homeroom relationship will be forever and make our teacher proud with us.

For Urayville members, I have seen our class this year and it was changed a lot but it still like what we do last year. It will be our memories forever.

"Do our best friends and make our teachers proud with us"

Urayville present

Tagged and Tagging

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1. What was your dream when you were a small kid?
Hmmm…I think I want to fly…at that time I want to be a PILOT.

2. What is the happiest thing in your whole life?
Get what I want and completely achieve my target in life which is happy in this life and happy at the next life…

3. What do you wish to have right now?
Be with friends and have cheerful day…And of course my driving license…

4. When was the last time you Horse laughed?
Yesterday when I heard new story about my friends

5. What did you realize recently?
I am BORING to have be alone in this island…Didn’t know what to do because all my friends are working at different working time and place.

6. Which bad habit of you that is most unacceptable?
Always postponed the job that I wanted to do…

7. When you are unhappy, what will you do?
Get my motorcycle and go wherever I want.

8. What are you afraid of losing?
The chance to be a better person day by day..

9. Within 5 years, which target is the most realistic one?

To be the one who involve in the preserving the nature…And give the world the healthier life.

10. When you meet someone you like, will you confess or hide your feelings?

I have confess for 2 times and I think I will stop confess until the right time is coming…it is better.

11. List out 3 kind of people you hate the most.
I don’t know. Maybe someone that only said but not done what he said.

12. Define Loneliness.

Be alone without someone to talk and share the story.

13. Are you satisfied with your life now?
Everybody will said NO…For me we have to make improvement in this life.

14. When is the most recent time you felt touched?
When someone not appreciate my work…

15. Where is the most beautiful place that you've visited?
Of course my hometown, LANGKAWI GEOPARK

16. A song that is playing in your mind recently?

17. If you have a wish come true, what is it?
So far,maybe no…

18. Do you have anything to worry or be scared about recently?
I am worry about my SPM result and maybe my driving license test.

19. If the world is going to end, what will you do?
Do pray…

20. MY QUESTION: What you will do if you are thinking about somebody you love?
Hmmm…maybe let it pass by in my mind and not even care about that feeling. Actually,I don’t know what to ask.

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Friday, January 25, 2008


Today khutbah is about hijrah.It remind me about the life that thought us to always change our lifestyle and be great day by day.If today is better than yesterday,it is great.If today is same like yesterday,it is good but if today is bad than yesterday,we are lossing one day of our life to get improve and be better in life.

To be better than yesterday we have to do some change.For example,our mindset should be change.If yesterday we always said we can't do the hard job but we have to change our mind so that the hard job will be easily been done.But the most important thing to do some change is patient.If there are no patient in ourself,all th changes that we wanted to do will not been done or if it done it will not be succesfully completed.

As a student,the way we are studying have to change.To get through the new era,the study is not only to past the examination but we have to be skillfull.Besides,we also need to think more ideas so that we can produce new thing and with the skill that we have,we can improve the life style not only our lifstyle but also can change the future of the country when the graduant that graduate from university have the skill that can develop the country.

So,make the change in our life and we can give contribution to the religious,race and country.

Memories with roommates(TC09)

When I be alone in the morning around 4 am,I think about my friends.They made a lot of memories that will never been forgotten.The memories will remain in our mind but is the friendship will continue?That question is depends on everybody.Some will said that it will be break up because we will never seen each other after the school and some said it continue where ever the person is separated but for me it will continue until last.

My roommates have give me many new things that I can learn from them.Their habits, behaviors and lifestyle.One of them is called DOL.He is from Kedah.I don't know why he want others call him with that name but he is like a genius.He don't like the thing that so scheme like discipline or many else.He like to enjoy his life but the way he think is like a creative man.Sometimes he gives ideas that are very logicalness but it is his idea.We already know about that.

The other roommate is CHOR.I also didn't know about this.They want others called them with a weird name.He is from Perak.He like to get together with Kelantan people in the hostel.He not always be in the room almost of the time even night.He like to be at the upper floor which is the room obove my room.He always make a forum in our room if they are tired to climb the stairs to the room at the third floor of the block but fortunately I always not in the room wen the conference is begin.

The last one is RADZI.He be the last not mean I hate him ok...This person is different from the other roommate.Sometimes he made me made but most of the time I fell he can be the place where I can tell my story but not all my secret because I afraid he will make a new conclusion and it will spread with the helping of my class president.So,only some of my story can be tell but it make me fell better everyday.He also talk about me in all ways that can make me mad but no matter what,he is my friend and I will care about his feeling.Only he and me always be the persons who be in the room everyday and most of the time.That's why I feel like I more close with him.

My roommates is the best roommates that iI ever had.The wrong thing that I always do to them is scold them when they disturb me in not the right time.The one thing that I will never forget is they write all the thing that not always I do in the college for example the first time I bought nasi lemak after prep.They wrote on the wall in my room and I think it still be there now.I hope I can see them again in the future and be successful in their own life...


Now we can see the defense government has try to exchange all the old defense tech to the new one.For example,NURI helicopter will be replace by NH-90 helicopter the one the is designed with the cooperation of NATO.

All of these technologies are designed and built by the other country.Our country only use them by buy them from the foreign country.Why we can produce our own design?Why we cannot produce one of the technology all by ourself until some of professional said our country is alway copy the idea from others.

We better think against about this thing.Many people believe that we cannot do all of that because we don't have latest technology that can make the new product.Maybe it is the one of the reasons why we can't make new design but will it be the reasons in the future?If it still be the reason of this problems,our country will never develop because all the ideas that we have are copy from others.If we made new products,they still can build the new one to challenge because they have expert to make the product.

When I talk to some of the persons who are in the engineering career,they taught our researcher did not want to make research about something that cannot give profit to them but this type of thinking should be change if we want to achieve country's vision to be th develop country in 2020.So,think against about our country future not only self profit.Everybody who are working want the profit but we as the malaysian should have spirit to improve the development of the country by working together.The profit maybe cannot be seen in one or two years but if we all think again,the cooperation that we give will make us the develop country and we will share the benefits to all people in this country...

So,we have to think against not only for us but for the next generation that will lead the country.Our mission will be a reality and the new history of technology will begin.

(This post is write just to give the OPINION as a STUDENT who want to see our country be a new developed country)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The surrounding

Actually i don't know what i want to write because this my first blog that i try to write in english.At least i can use my 2nd language frequently and can improve it day by day.

In everyday life we can heard many people said 'practice make perfect' but actually it never been perfect because we are homo sapiens.Always do wrong whenever we don't want to do it.Even though we try very best to improve our life but we still do wrong in life intentionally or unintentionally but we have to try to improve this life."Kegagalan bukanlah penghujungnya tapi berputus asa adalah berkekalan".So, if we fail in what we have done don' give up because we do not know what will happen to us in the life of the day after tomorrow.

Nobody can make us the road to success but they can help us to find the right path to go into the great future life.Even though there is many brilliant and experience people around us,they can only give their opinion for us to think what is the best for us.Teenagers especially cannot accept what they should do if somebody are forcing them to do it.If we want to tell them something they had done something wrong,we have to talk face to face with slow voice.Teenagers don't want to be scold but they want attention.If they get the attention that they want they will think about others feeling when they want to do something.

So,either friends or adult be around the teenagers they should care about everybody's feeling because to get someone to realize their we have to understand their feeling first same as if we want someone respect to us,we have to respect them first but think also about our own feeling because it is more important.