Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The surrounding

Actually i don't know what i want to write because this my first blog that i try to write in english.At least i can use my 2nd language frequently and can improve it day by day.

In everyday life we can heard many people said 'practice make perfect' but actually it never been perfect because we are homo sapiens.Always do wrong whenever we don't want to do it.Even though we try very best to improve our life but we still do wrong in life intentionally or unintentionally but we have to try to improve this life."Kegagalan bukanlah penghujungnya tapi berputus asa adalah berkekalan".So, if we fail in what we have done don' give up because we do not know what will happen to us in the life of the day after tomorrow.

Nobody can make us the road to success but they can help us to find the right path to go into the great future life.Even though there is many brilliant and experience people around us,they can only give their opinion for us to think what is the best for us.Teenagers especially cannot accept what they should do if somebody are forcing them to do it.If we want to tell them something they had done something wrong,we have to talk face to face with slow voice.Teenagers don't want to be scold but they want attention.If they get the attention that they want they will think about others feeling when they want to do something.

So,either friends or adult be around the teenagers they should care about everybody's feeling because to get someone to realize their we have to understand their feeling first same as if we want someone respect to us,we have to respect them first but think also about our own feeling because it is more important.


  1. hua3 :P aku jmpe blog kau!
    nway, it's good to know that u're doing this in english. :) there is always room for improvement, aite?

  2. yeah...u rite...there is always room for improvement...thanks to you 2...