Friday, January 25, 2008


Now we can see the defense government has try to exchange all the old defense tech to the new one.For example,NURI helicopter will be replace by NH-90 helicopter the one the is designed with the cooperation of NATO.

All of these technologies are designed and built by the other country.Our country only use them by buy them from the foreign country.Why we can produce our own design?Why we cannot produce one of the technology all by ourself until some of professional said our country is alway copy the idea from others.

We better think against about this thing.Many people believe that we cannot do all of that because we don't have latest technology that can make the new product.Maybe it is the one of the reasons why we can't make new design but will it be the reasons in the future?If it still be the reason of this problems,our country will never develop because all the ideas that we have are copy from others.If we made new products,they still can build the new one to challenge because they have expert to make the product.

When I talk to some of the persons who are in the engineering career,they taught our researcher did not want to make research about something that cannot give profit to them but this type of thinking should be change if we want to achieve country's vision to be th develop country in 2020.So,think against about our country future not only self profit.Everybody who are working want the profit but we as the malaysian should have spirit to improve the development of the country by working together.The profit maybe cannot be seen in one or two years but if we all think again,the cooperation that we give will make us the develop country and we will share the benefits to all people in this country...

So,we have to think against not only for us but for the next generation that will lead the country.Our mission will be a reality and the new history of technology will begin.

(This post is write just to give the OPINION as a STUDENT who want to see our country be a new developed country)