Friday, January 25, 2008


Today khutbah is about hijrah.It remind me about the life that thought us to always change our lifestyle and be great day by day.If today is better than yesterday,it is great.If today is same like yesterday,it is good but if today is bad than yesterday,we are lossing one day of our life to get improve and be better in life.

To be better than yesterday we have to do some change.For example,our mindset should be change.If yesterday we always said we can't do the hard job but we have to change our mind so that the hard job will be easily been done.But the most important thing to do some change is patient.If there are no patient in ourself,all th changes that we wanted to do will not been done or if it done it will not be succesfully completed.

As a student,the way we are studying have to change.To get through the new era,the study is not only to past the examination but we have to be skillfull.Besides,we also need to think more ideas so that we can produce new thing and with the skill that we have,we can improve the life style not only our lifstyle but also can change the future of the country when the graduant that graduate from university have the skill that can develop the country.

So,make the change in our life and we can give contribution to the religious,race and country.

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