Monday, January 28, 2008

News from MJSC Langkawi

The changes occur when the time passed by. Not even a second it left to us if we also didn't want to make the changes. We take a look at ourselves, is we are changed from last 10 minutes till now? Maybe we answer no but the truth is we have change but the changes cannot be seen. We can see the someone's mood. Now they are happy but only a few second they get mad. That why I said we always change.

Same to our college (MJSC Langkawi).Today (28/01/08) I have go there and meet some teacher and have chat with them for a while because they have to do a lot of things. There are many programs that will be organized to improve the achievement of the students in academics and also co-curricular activities. The one that I heard from the discussion between Cikgu Aminah (HEA) and Sir Hilmi was the SEED program. Yesterday, Program Gemilang (PG) 2008 has been launched and I think it’s earlier from our PG program last year which is launched on February.

My homeroom teacher, Miss KB that is also the LDP's teacher has to teach RC for this year. For Tabrani 06 member, we are always in her mind. Don’t forget here. I think she was the best homeroom teacher I ever have. As the homeroom president, I hope our homeroom relationship will be forever and make our teacher proud with us.

For Urayville members, I have seen our class this year and it was changed a lot but it still like what we do last year. It will be our memories forever.

"Do our best friends and make our teachers proud with us"

Urayville present

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