Friday, January 25, 2008

Memories with roommates(TC09)

When I be alone in the morning around 4 am,I think about my friends.They made a lot of memories that will never been forgotten.The memories will remain in our mind but is the friendship will continue?That question is depends on everybody.Some will said that it will be break up because we will never seen each other after the school and some said it continue where ever the person is separated but for me it will continue until last.

My roommates have give me many new things that I can learn from them.Their habits, behaviors and lifestyle.One of them is called DOL.He is from Kedah.I don't know why he want others call him with that name but he is like a genius.He don't like the thing that so scheme like discipline or many else.He like to enjoy his life but the way he think is like a creative man.Sometimes he gives ideas that are very logicalness but it is his idea.We already know about that.

The other roommate is CHOR.I also didn't know about this.They want others called them with a weird name.He is from Perak.He like to get together with Kelantan people in the hostel.He not always be in the room almost of the time even night.He like to be at the upper floor which is the room obove my room.He always make a forum in our room if they are tired to climb the stairs to the room at the third floor of the block but fortunately I always not in the room wen the conference is begin.

The last one is RADZI.He be the last not mean I hate him ok...This person is different from the other roommate.Sometimes he made me made but most of the time I fell he can be the place where I can tell my story but not all my secret because I afraid he will make a new conclusion and it will spread with the helping of my class president.So,only some of my story can be tell but it make me fell better everyday.He also talk about me in all ways that can make me mad but no matter what,he is my friend and I will care about his feeling.Only he and me always be the persons who be in the room everyday and most of the time.That's why I feel like I more close with him.

My roommates is the best roommates that iI ever had.The wrong thing that I always do to them is scold them when they disturb me in not the right time.The one thing that I will never forget is they write all the thing that not always I do in the college for example the first time I bought nasi lemak after prep.They wrote on the wall in my room and I think it still be there now.I hope I can see them again in the future and be successful in their own life...


  1. Haha.. Did i ever mention that Dol was my HOmeroomate?? Yeah, he was kinda wierd but nice... iT'S nice to hear about your roomates. It made me miss mine too..

  2. Roomate sblah tak nak ingt.. hahaha

  3. chom,nnt aku tulis pasal roomate sblh aku x tau nak tulis apa coz aku xjoin sgt dgn korg...jd nak tulis panjang2 x blh tp aku try nnt...jgn takut...akan dtg post 2.