Saturday, March 7, 2009

Story about life....

Salam and hye...

This morning I will attend a selection for an event to break the Malaysian Book Of Record in Martial Art Fests 2009 on 30-31 Mei 2009.The selection will test my cardiovascular,muscle and my flexibility.All of this test I heve take it before this but I don't know whether this time I can do well or not.Hopefully I can done it well.

This event is to break the number of kicks in a day record.The records is 55,000 kicks in a day but we need to have 20% more than them to break the records.So,our target is 64,000 kicks.That's mean  we have to kicks 6,400 kicks per kicker.That is so many.I need to be very ready to past the selection.

Hope you all pray for me that I can get into this event.Alright,until here only because I have to prepare for the selection.


Don't limit yourself in this world,Try to get as many benefit as you can from it

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