Sunday, March 1, 2009

Seminar Halal Haram


There are a lot of events have been held in UTP.For this semester,every student body have proposed the annual events.There one big event still moving which is Heart 4 Islam and coming soon is ChemE Carnival.With all this big events,some of UTPian's will busy to settle the organisation and management for the events.But here I don't want to Talk to much about the events because it never stop in this university.Almost everyday must be an event being held in UTP.Hopefully,it give benefits to others.

Here is one events that attract me which is Seminar Halal Haram, will be given by Tuan Haji Ismail bin Haji Ahmad this night.

Seminar Halal Haram
Tuan Haji Ismail bin Haji Ahmad
1 Mac 2009
Undercroft,Kompleks Chancelor UTP
9.15 pm - 11.30 pm
This events may give benefits to Muslim because we have to take care about the food that we are eating everyday.There are a lot more events for this March.So,wait for it.I will inform it at least 1 week earlier.
And last but not least,There will be held Technology,Education and Career Exhibition and Engineering Design Exhibition on April.I have related to this events informally.Hopefully, The events will held smoothly without big problem.For the semester break,there are a Martial Arts Fests being organised by Sekreteriat Rakan Muda.I hope that I am being selected for the event to break the Malaysia Book Of Record to make kick in 24 hours.The target is 64,000 kicks in 24 hours by 10 kickers.
So,the latest events will be updated time by time.Hopefully all UTPian's can give commitment to all the events being held whether inside or outside UTP.
~Commitment can increase the levelor quality and trustworthy of a society~

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