Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Emotional Intelligence


This is some knowledge that I want to share.I do this for my essay writing task.Hope you all can get benefits from this essay.

Today, many of us always talk about Intellectual Quotient/Intelligence (IQ), Emotional Quotient /Intelligence (EQ) and Spiritual Quotient/Intelligence (SQ). It become famous because the relation of our mind and habit towards study and also work. Do you know that EQ, IQ and SQ always related in our life even though we do not know about it? For example, when we stress we try to control ourselves with a lot of ways. That is how EQ related with us. So, here I want to be more specific to the Emotional Intelligence. The elaboration will be on definition, how to apply it and what the benefit that we get is.

If we want to know about a word, we have to know its definition. The general definition about emotional intelligence is an ability to validly reason with emotions and to use emotions to enhance thought. This is means how we response to some situation rationally. For example, we feel happy when we get some prizes in the competition. Emotional intelligence can be understand by oneself and need to be managing because it can be worse if we cannot manage our emotion well.

In daily lifestyle that we have, we always feel a lot of feeling such as sad, happy, frustrated and else. By knowing the knowledge about emotional Intelligence, we can response to the situation wisely. In emotional Intelligent, there are skills to apply it. We have to understand the feeling that we want to express on the situation and also manage it well when we want to express it. If we are facing with someone who feeling sad, we cannot express anger emotion. This is the example of understanding the emotions that want to be express. Most of this knowledge is applied by us but psychologists use it more frequently.

There are a lot of benefits when we apply this emotional Intelligence in the correct situation and the correct way. Firstly, we can improve our soft skill which is communication skills. When we communicate with others, our body language will also affect the conversation. We also can relieve someone’s spirit if they in the bad mood or frustrated mood. By having happy expression of feeling when talking with the, we can relieve someone feeling. So, this shows the benefits of Emotional Intelligence for us in daily life.

All of this elaboration is point to one main point which is the important of Emotional Intelligence knowledge for us. If we can use what we already have it can be useful to us and also to the others around us. So, we need to balance our emotional Intelligence so that we can practice it in daily life and it is great if we can apply it in our work to convince with people.

The right combination of IQ,EQ,and SQ can make you a great person.