Thursday, February 21, 2008

Successful engineer

There are 10 qualities that an engineering graduate should possess in order to excel in engineering industry.These include:

Ability to acquire and apply knowledge
-Every engineering student should have the ability to acquire the knowledge of mathematics,science and engineering fundamentals.

Technical competence
-Strong technical skills are needed for an engineer to be able to execute the assigned tasks as well as to solve problems effectively.Graduates should also have knowledge and skills beyond their own field of engineering.

Ability to solve problems
-with basic engineering fundamentals and technical competence,an engineer should be able to demonstrate the ability to solve problems in a methodical way.

An aptitude for design
-It is important that graduates possess the ability to design a system,its component or process based on the requirements given to them.Graduates should be able to evaluate the design performance and further improve on it if needed.

Being ethical and professional
-Ethical and professional engineers conduct themselves honourably,practising truth,honesty and trustworthiness in their service to the society.

Good communication skills
-an engineer may have to present ideas and plans to the client,subordinates or to their superiors,hence the need to communicate effectively.Effective communication is measured by the similarity between idea transmitted and idea received.It can be in written or oral form.

Being a team player
-The ability to work in groups and lead project teams is improtant in the life of engineer.An effective team player is reliable and consistent,communicates constructively,listens actively,participates actively,shares openly and willingly,cooperative and helpful,flexible,solves problem,respectful and supportive.

Ability to see the big picture
-An understanding of the impact of engineering solutions in the global,economical,environmental and social context is important.

Willingness to learn
-Engineers need to be resourceful,they should enrich themselves with current technologies,conduct research on the internet and journals and any other written materials.Engineers need to keep abreast of the latest development within engineering and other related disciplines.

Ability to function in the industry
-Engineer should be able to use the tools and resources available to them for thier day-to-day work assignments.The engineer should be able to learn,adapt and improves when the need arises.

With this information,I hope we can be the successful engineer in the future.Try to have this value in yourself first and it will make you adapt with the engineer environment work.

(Info from CourseNOW! magazine,engineering,issue 10,2006)

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