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How to be a doctor in Malaysia

After take a look at many site,there are a lot of student want to be a doctor.It is one of the most popular career today.Now,I will tell a little bit of knowledge that I got from my research about this career.A career in Medicine involves the care of the ill,infirm and injured.It is a humane profession and the only one classified as a 'noble' profession.

Who is a doctor?

The doctor is a medically qualified person whose work is to prevent disease, relief suffering and treat to the sick, while providing care and support for their families.The doctor is knowledgeable in medicine and primarily responsible for community healthcare, patient management in hospital and play a crucial role in medical education,medical research,planning and implementation of local and national health programmes.There are two types of doctors:The doctor of medicine (MD);treat all kinds of diseases and the doctor of osteopathic medicine(DO,Degree at US and Canada) ;focus on muscles and bones.
What do doctors do?

Doctors are involved in all aspects of healthcare delivery and related fields.The most important ones being:
-Examination,diagnosis and treatment of illness in patients.
-Alleviation of pain and suffering in patients.
-Admistration and prescription of medication.
-Performing procedures and surgery.
-Counselling patients and families on health matters.
-Implementation of Family Planning Programmes.
-Prevention and control of communicable diseases.
-Dissemination of Public Medical Education.
-Planning and implemetation of health programmes.
-Developing new modes of treatment through medical research.

How to be a doctor?

After SPM,students have to go for A-level,STPM,Matriculation or Pre-medical programmes.You also can take Australian Matriculation,International Baccalaureate (IB),Diploma in science and Diploma in Microbiology.You should get at least B for any 3 subjects science(Biology,Physics,Chemistry,Mathematics) or CGPA 3.5 and above to qualify study in the universities.

In the universities,you will take Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery(MBBS). Some universities will have Degree in Medicine and will be award Doctor of Medicine(MD).To take a degree,you have to do degree programme in medicine for 5 years.The example of the subject will be learn And exposed to medical science(e.g:anatomy,pharmacology,bio-chemistry), pathology(including microbiology and medical parasitology),public health,communication and professionalism,surgery,orthorhinolaryngology,opthamalogy,dermatology,radiology,orthopeadic,pediatric,obstetrics and gynaecology,accidents and emergencies.

After successfully graduating as medical doctor,graduates are required to undergo compulsory service with the government for 4 years.The first year is a graduate training programme or housemanship.After 4 year,Medical Officer will be allowed to further their studies in Master Specialists courses about 5 years.After qualifying their master degree,graduates will be appointed as medical specialists and as consultants.

What are the career options?

-General Practitioner(GP)
-Specialists in obstetrics and gyneacology(Gyneacologist)
-Medical Transcriptionist
-Physician assistant

Where to study Medicine?

Local Universities:
University of Malaya,Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia,Universiti Sains Malaysia,Universiti Putra Malaysia,Universiti Malaysia Sarawak.

Private universities:
International Medical University(IMU),Asean Sheffield Medical College,Penang Medical College,Asian Institute of Medicine,Science and Technology(AIMST),Taylor University

I hope this post can help the person who are interested to be the future doctor.It is good to be a doctor because you can help people but you must have the humanity sense to be a successful doctor.Hope you all can be a great future doctor to take a good care about the community health...

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  1. Salam. It sure helps me A LOT!!!!!! Thanks. Keep up the good work!

  2. thanks for this info... really appreciate it...

  3. dlm SPM pe subjek yg perlu lulus cemerlang?

    1. If you are a Malaysian must at least get credits for bm and eng.
      Then bio,chemistry ,physics, add maths must get b :)

    2. Sometimes it depends on the school's regulations too, if the school's have a higher entry enquiry, I've met schools having enquiry of A's in three sciences, two maths and one english, that's the minimum enquiry for a doctor for your SPM results

  4. Is there any Master Specialists course offered by local universities? btw, u missed UMS(Universiti Malaya Sabah)...

  5. how about universiti islam antarabangsa malaysia

  6. how much is the cost..which university offered the lowest price and how can we got sponsor from JPA???

  7. lieya : SPM result don't really matters unless you are pursuing some scholarships like JPA in foreign countries. You need a very good result for pre-U level like matric or STPM to be competent enough.

    anonymous 2 : local uni needs the least amount of $ for studying medicine. For JPA, u need a strong SPM result & go for its interview to get it. If local u, u will be automatically be offered the JPA.(just medicine course)

    that's what i know. :)

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    hope more infrmation i can get frm here.. :D thnk kiu!! :))

  9. thanks for visiting my blog and hope this info can help those who interested to be a doctor...

    for all the question, I will try to get the new update as soon as possible...sorry for not replying the post...

  10. After spm how should i search scholarship for medicine

  11. nak jadi doctor kne dpt bpe A dlm spm..? subjek ape perlu kene dpt A pls bgi taw aq

  12. Seriously it helped me so much, thankss! :D


  14. yes if you are a bumiputera. If not, you need at least 6A+ in your spm result to get a slightly chance to be chosen since you have to compete with those non-bumiputera students with 7A+/8A+/9A+/10A+ or more. Good luck mates :)

  15. thanks a lot..! feeling much confident! :)
    #lots of credits to mister writer!

  16. need to use this for my school project in 2013... is this all correct? Ni penting ni, my marks 40 marks for P.A.T and this is for Moral.... help me yeh... xD btw will give credit... thx the perfect arcticle

  17. so the complete internship is 4 years??

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  19. Can u recomend me some colleges that offer diploma in science?

  20. i got 7A+ and all A's in spm but still,i couldnt get any of the scholarships to pursue medicine course.I applied for matriculation for second time and called the ministry of education for help....but still being rejected.even my friends who got 8A+ got nothing.really get mad at malaysia education system....we got better results but others who got 4A+ and 5A+ got it....why????not fair at all.what for to study so hard to get nothing!!?and now im doing foundation,even i got good grades and get the little amount of scholarship i still need to work to pay it off. N i faced financial hardship now.i dont know about my future..can i still achieve my dream to be a doctor? i really dont know.Any scholarships recommended for me to apply?Thanks for replying.I really dont want to give up!!!

  21. thank you so much! this totally helped me, a lot! :D

  22. senang cerita focus dapat 9a+ je. baru mana2 course senang nak apply

  23. This article is very nice to me and all who are interested in becoming a doctor. thanks to the comments, you are all very helpful to me. Now, I'm still a student form 4 but I already have a strong interest to become a doctor. I do not know how to say haha but i love to learn more in science. actually, I want to be a surgeon doctor :) I'm sorry, I'm not good in english haha

  24. Thank you so much! It helps a lot. I'm currently Form 4 and I already have strong interest in becoming a Forensic Pathologist. I can't wait to finish my high school life and to pursue my dream soon.

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  26. Currently im studying mbbs in Egypt.. My 3rd year, pm me on fb if anybody wanna know more bout mbbs in Egypt. facebook is " watashiwa no steelheart "

  27. Hi my girl is in std 2 now, she wants to become a doctor ever since she was 2...i really hope u can let me know a rough figure to study doctor in another 10 yrs time. Hope u can help me....

    1. Hello... its almost 2 years late for me to reply.. haha... yeah sure i can if u want.. kindly pm me on whatsapp +201203200514( Egypt no )

  28. Helo, my 2010 spm is 6A+ 2A and 1A- but my iium foundation is 3.2. You stated above getting diploma in science allow me to apply for M.D in local universities. If it is true which diploma science should i take or is there any link to support your statement. Thank you

  29. God! it is quite hard to enter in the faculty of medicine. The qualifications are pretty hard to grab and I hope I can enter in this faculty in the future. Desp

  30. Hei I just finished SPM and I get 6A+ and bio chem fiz a C it's hard for me cause I usually get good grades. I always wanted to become a doctor. it's my passion. what should I do? my trash mouth relations are suggesting Me to retake SPM.can I become a doctor if I retake SPM or should I just stop fighting for my dreams.

  31. Is it an optometrist consider as a doctor in malaysia or they have to further their studies untill master to be a doctor??

  32. Is it an optometrist consider as a doctor in malaysia or they have to further their studies untill master to be a doctor??

  33. I am a form 4 student and I've took my igcse o level examination....so,can i just straight to university without taking spm? And can I be a doctor without spm qualification?

  34. hye...if i want to be Gyneacologist, is tat i need to take degree first and then need take the master?

  35. hye...if i want to be Gyneacologist, is tat i need to take degree first and then need take the master?

    1. Is it possible enter medical school witthout taking biology ,chemistry and physics during secondary school? Or totally impossible to enter medical school?

  36. How to be a dermatologist?

  37. I want to be a psychiatarist, does it mean I have to take a degree in Medical and surgery too, so that I can able to pursue my ambition

  38. Thank you!It helps me a lot. xoxo

  39. Dear sir/miss,
    I would like to pursue my career as a paediatrician but now I'm currently studying diploma in pharmacy and I will be finished two years from now. What is your suggestions?

  40. I want to be that general practitioner,, where U should I enter?

  41. I got 8As but 1C+ (addmath) for SPM thisbyear- 2017. Ive been thinking about to pursue study in medicine but then again I think it twice, noppe..

    I don't think I'm eligible for it though My Biology is A solid. You see, theres a lot of good students out there, probbaly planning to do medicine...

    And im not that good...
    So i got this mental breakdown after taking the result. I don't think I can get place into local universities foundation. * crying like angel fall *

    I want to be a doctor not because it's a famous carrer. I wanted to be a doctor because as a muslim, we're lacking our doctor in Plestin and syria..

    If MMC says, theres too many medic students out there, too many doctors till some of em doesnt have job,

    Why not send em to treat the needy in others countries T.T where's the quality? Quality of humanity..

    But then, im sorry for my previous statement. Yeah, you might say im such pain in ass- know how to complain things.

    This is just my thought. And im free too say it out loud.


  42. Hello there, im curious...during the 4 yrs goverment services...are doctors given salaries? And if so are we alledgedly certified as doctors or are still students?

  43. Hello there, im curious...during the 4 yrs goverment services...are we alledgedly certified as doctors or are we still students?and if so are we given salaries during those 4 yrs ?