Sunday, June 14, 2009

Knowing Something Valuable

Salam and hye all...

There have been long time I didn't write any post.I have some reasons for it but I will try my best to share some information that I get from my observation and reading here as much as possible.Did you know the fact of your own brain?I guess not everyone of us know about 'the most precious thing' that we had since in the womb.This article will related a little bit about the facts of our brain and the important of it in daily life decision making.

The facts about the brain.First of all,did you know that our brain have 3 different brains:1)reptilian brain, 2)limbic/mamalia brain and 3)Cortical brain.Each of this barin have their own functions.Reptilian brain are functioning to monitoring ang regulating basic utonimic bodily functions such as breathing,heart rate hunger,and 'fight or flight' response.Mamalian brain is the primary home for emotions,regulations of the immune system and hormone system and sexuality.The cortical brain is the most important thing that we always use conciously because it control the highest brain functions which is thinking.The decision making process being control by this part of the brain.But even though they are different brains but theyhave to function as one to make it effectively and optimum.

The second fact is there are four types of wavelengths in the brain.The types of wavelength are 1)beta waves - indicative of the state of mind we nomally associate with being awake and functioning in our world;normal state of mind when we do daily work, 2) theta waves which when we about to drop off to sleep, 3) delta waves - the slowest of the brain waves - when we are in the deep sleep and the last one is alpha waves - when we are fully awake but in the relaxed state - which are the best wves for student to have a very graet performance and effective learning time.

The other facts are brain have three modes of learning - seeing(visual),Hearing(auditory) and doing(kinesthetic) - and seven kinds of intelligent - linguistic,logical,musical,visual,physical,interpersonal,and intrapersonal.This is the basic thing that we as a learner should know when they want to learn something new or to optimumly used their brain.These are only the theoritical idea about the brain.We have to apply it with the physical treatment to make it more efficient.

The important thing for every learner is the concentration and the ability to focus in such a long time.So that the preparation for that must be taken.The surrounding,the physical and mental preparations.All of this must be prepared.So it will go on smoothly.Everything that will be use when stdy must be prepared earlier so that it will go smoothly.
The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today -Elbert Hubbard.-
Breathing in is taking in supplies; breathing out,slowly and deeply,spreads the throughout the body -Taisen Deshimaru.-
Take this two quote and think about it.You can come out with the good solution of your study skill.I have try it .So wait for other study skill that I will share with you all.It may not complete because of time constraint but I will make it the good one for you all to think and apply in your daily life.This is the start of the searching of precious thing in this world

If you have anything to add about the post,you are kindly invited to put in whether in the comment of this post of in the shoutbox.If we have time,we can discuss about it.Thank you.

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