Thursday, June 18, 2009

Managed Your Time,Reduce Your Stress...

Salam and Hye to all,

Recently,I am having a lot of tasks to be done.Some say it "are you crazy to take a lot of event?".But the answer will always be "No" because I love this situation,I love to be a buzy man and i really love to help people who need my help.This thing may make me happy but the important thing is I get to be a person who discipline with time and responsibility.That's why I always said no to others who ask.There are a lot of sacrificition i need to do-my time with friends and family,and the real responsibility why am I in UTP.

To be really calm and happy with al this job,I have some experience to be shared.Maybe some of it not scientifically tested but it maybe work from what I have observe.The first thing is TAKING THE PRIORITY.All the motivator will said this in their talk because this is the important thing.After you know by yourself what is important to you, you will discipline with it and try to do it first.For example,as a Muslim,prayer should be priority in everyday life.So,when the time come,It must be perform first before starting any activities.

The next thing is DO THE TASKS WHICH CAN BE FINISHED EARLIER.We always ignore the simple or the latest thing in every of our tasks.That is regular for most of people but to have a good performance and quality of your task,try to make it earlier than the due date because it may help you to face the problem that will be face.So, After finished the priority,take the task that can be finish early,It may help you when the dua date come.Try it.

Maybe with this simple tips can make all of us appreciate the time that we have and try to it optimumly.Do not complain that you have a lot of tasks and do not have time to finish it.Think again,everyone of us have been given 24 hours;equal time range everyday.Why others can finshed the task and you not.So,try to use the tips,maybe it work to make you enjoy the task that you done..

Most people don't plan to fail;they just fail to plan!
- anonymous -

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