Sunday, April 12, 2009

Having A Great Time

Salam and hye all,

Today I like to share something in this blog with you.It is about an university student.Before enter the university,I never expect that be an university student is tougher and far difference compared the higher learner life.We never expect that in the university we will do something that we never done before.But the experience in high school have though much to us to be prepare to enter the new life.The university life is little bit like one step to be an adult.We are train to think like an adult, having live like an adult,Have to settle down the problem alone like an adult.So,it just like a training for us before we are going into the community as an adult.

In the university life,we need to have our own time management,ideas and many things else.So,we need to prepare ourselves and stop acting as you are a kid.I am not saying that we cannot have the sense to be a kid in ourselves but we just need to control it depends on the situation and condition.Don't expect the life will be easier like we are teenagers.

I didn't have much to talk about because having time constraint now.So,later I will update with more intellectual articles and can give you all benefits when it been apply in the daily life.

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