Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Think about benefits

Everythings that have we done have their own benefit and weakness.But many people tend to think about the badness of the activities that have been done.That is the reality in human soul.We always tend to think negatively before doing something.For example,when our friends want to study hard to improve his achievement,others must think he change because of something,maybe girlfriend or his father has promise to him somethings that he really wanted.

The things here is when we think like that,there will never have any improvement because one who want to make a changes did not get support to change.So,one who is bad tend to be an evil and one who is excellent will be there without improvement.Why we don't want others to improve themselves?Maybe because we don't want others to be more excellent then us?Or there is other reason for that?

When we always communicate with others,a lot of things we can get.If someone are sad,when they talk to others they will relive.If someone are hopeless,they can get some advise when talk to others.Not only that,we can improve our communication skill,be polite,and one thing that others didn't notice is we can know the others behavior or characteristic.The characteristics are store deep in our heart.It come out spontaneously when we interact with others.Who are care about this thing they will try to see it before keep talking to others.

So,try to have the got perception when talk with others.It will shows our character.Not the fake one but the real one.So,don't think when you try to make yourself to be others.You can cheat others.So,the lesson is better we try to be honest than change to be others.

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