Sunday, June 29, 2008

Be Yourself....

The word 'be yourself',I always used it when having conversation with anybody.This is the important thing in ourselves to know who we are?what can we do?how we can give benefit to others?We should discover ourselves first to improve anything else around us.If we can't change our behavior,nothing can we do to change others.Be yourself is the ancient word from Socrates.

This word had been known since before century.It is the main thing in the philosophy and also the way to improve ourselves.Knowing ourselves is not only see physically but it is more important to look what is actually have in our heart.We cannot show it when we are conscious when doing something.We only can see it in the emergency situation or desperate situation.It come spontaneously.Sometime,we didn't know what we are doing but it come from our heart.We also can see which are our true friends by travel with him/her in three days at least.The true characteristic will be shown within these three day.

So,to make anything happen in in what we are expecting,we have to know ourselves first,then,with it we can use what we have to produce the great work or a great result.The important thing that we should have are to be ourselves.not others in our life...

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