Monday, June 16, 2008

The key of success

Many people today always want to do their best in whatever things they done but not all the things will goes in the good way.To do anythings we have to know our destiny and also believe in ourself.If not we not gonna get what had we planned.Motivation is not the only key of success but it is one of the key of success.

Motivation is the things that made us realize what is our advantage and feebleness.This is important for us to go through our life cheerful and make us dauntless if we fail to get what we want.For example if we planned to get straight A's in every exam that we have,maybe we cannot get it in the short period but the effort to fulfill the target is there.So,if we have high motivation in ourself,we will not give up earlier and will try to achieved the target.

This things we have pass through many time but we did not realize about it.Motivation is inside ourself only us did not know about it and if did not try to understand about motivation,we will never get it or improve it.So,if you fell sad or loss hope,try take some time and think about yourself and remember,don't compare yourself with others because we all have our advantage to be benefit to the community.

I give the simple example,try watch the animation film Kung Fu Panda.It give a lot of lesson to us especially student.Other did not confident with the Panda but Panda try to prove to other and try to get the Dragon Scroll.In the Dragon Scroll is only a fabric that can reflect like a mirror.It shows that the key to success is ourself.All are bury in deep of our heart.Only us can dig it to get it.So,believe in yourself in what we all doing because ourself are the key of success.

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