Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Green Technologies, Come With A New Hope

Salam and hye,

Today is kind of free day for me because have sometime to get along with my friends and my hobby. So, now I would like to discuss something about green technology. The world today move forward with Go Green slogan to make the world a better place to live. Below are some of the list that I know about green technology which are in progress:

  • car engine for methanol and bio diesel in commercial car.
  • hydrogen car
  • hydrogen fuel station with solar energy
  • algae for production of hydrogen
  • solar panel-to optimize the energy receive
  • natural air conditioning system-make park on the roof top of the building.

I think these six example can prove that we are know realize that we are in danger and the mother nature have mad to us. So, the initiatives that we have don't are the way to reduce our individual carbon footprint everyday.

There many practice that we can do in house and everyday life such as recycle, reuse and reduce. If we hold with these three words,we are supporting the world into the better and cleaner world.We may cannot do the research because we have no knowledge and expertise in that field but below are some practice that we can contribute to the cleanliness of our nature and help to preserve them:

  • Recycle the material such as aluminium,paper and bottles.
  • Reuse the plastic bags ,boxes, and anythings that can be use back.
  • Reduce the usage of petrol, electric, paper and the natural resources.
  • Switch off the electric equipment when it is not in use.
  • Separate the household waste into its categories so that it can be recycle.
  • Give hand to plant the tree.

Here are some of the ways.There are many ways to preserve and conserve the nature for our future generation but the only thing is our mindset need to be change first.

So,Think about your kids,Think about the world,Think about your responsibility,Think about the future.

Preserve the nature so that our young generation can see it real,not just in the picture.

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