Friday, December 5, 2008

Hibernate mode is come!!!

Olla to all...On last monday is the last day for the final exam and now I am in hibernate know what I mean right???The holiday is coming but I don't feel like want to holiday.The journey back home is to tired that's why I don't feel like want to have holiday.

Start from UTP,in the morning wake up late because on the night before I hang out with friends till 4 o'clocks in the morning.I follow my friend to the Penang before take bus to Alor Setar and then find the taxi to the tired and I fall asleep in the ferry but Only on the half of the journey about one hour coz the out there is heavy rain.The ferry was like to turn upside down.

And now,I was at home and don't know what to do.It is too boring if I always sleep,eat,and sleep again.I think want to do part time work but I will think about it first.If not I will study the subjects for next semester to avoid boring.

To all friends,hopefully we not lost contact in the holiday k......

Make the time that we have meaningful

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