Monday, December 29, 2008

Uncontrolled Feeling...

Hye,today is the 2nd last day for the year 2008.My semester holiday also only left about 2 weeks.So,I need to prepare myself to enter the new semester.Listen to others story,they said new semester would be a little bit tough but nevermind,it's only the story of others.I need to learn eventhough it is tough,right?

Today,I am thinking about feeling.FEELING???We always heard people said "I like her/him,I like that scenery."It is feeling that come from our heart that cannot be control but we can control our reaction toward that feeling.For example,a man see a woman and feel like she is the one for him.Most all of us will feel like that but the main thing is how we want to control our action.If someone didn't think further,they may take the action to be near with the woman.So,think again before we take some action.

From feeling,comes to LOVE.Loves is deeper than feeling.We will love to be with other.All people want they being love and lover.That is natural but don't take the action that will made us being embrassed to the public and don't make something that against from our Islamic teaching for Muslim and also to others religion.

The main thing here is we have to control what ever action that we want to take.Think wisely before doing anything.Do not take any action before think further about the effect which we will get...