Saturday, November 29, 2008

It come to last!!!!

After struggle for a week on study week(last week), this week come the challenge for this semester which is FINAL EXAM....For your information,exam has been done half way and now come for the last paper for this semester which is Thinking Skill.Seems like wierd.I,first think 'what for we learn this subject' .I think we already get the skill and don't need to learn it.All pesimis thinking come and make me take  for granted on this subjects.But now come to the final,It become hard if I don't know the skill of thinking.

For other subjects,I have gone through it well.It is true if we start prepare early,it won't be hard for the final.If we consistent in study, we will have the good and relax day on examination weeks.Even though I think I play a lot this semester but it seem to be a very great experience as preparation for the future.

I have done something that I never done before this which is study last minute until late it a bad habit????For me yes because it show that I not well motivated and lack of self-discipline and also have no management in what I am doing.So,you all think wisely and make something that can make our life meaningful and systematic on what ever condition or time.

Hopefully all the experience that I got in be first time far from my hometown and family.I hope I do my best for this last paper so that I can go holiday happily...hehehe....

Till next time...I will post a lot more about my experience and also picture....So,see you next time on my blog.......
Remember that the time passed by  don't let it go without meaning...

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