Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Next Stage!!!

SPM 2007 result have been announce 3 days ago but I think maybe some of the candidates feel upset when get their results and maybe until now the can accept what the have got.Only one thing that I can say,SPM is the beginning of the journey to our future career.

I know maybe somebody have plan many thing but when the result is out, they can't accept it because they expect higher then what they can achieve.Now,the SPM result is out.So,we have to accept whatever grade we get.We have to think for our future.If we did not achieve what have been targeted,we have to check again what are the ability that we have based on the result.Don't blame ourselves to not get excellent but think positive.Be optimistic person.Try to search our own ability.Don't make others change ourselves.Be yourself.

Think like a farmer.They start with very high cost and expenditure but they can't expect all the plant will grow but they try.Same like us,we don't know what is our ability but we have to try.Give ourselves space to find the ability that we have.If we don't give the chance,we cannot know what we have.

So,now think again about our ability,habit and what we have.Don't lose hope when we cannot reach something that we expected.just keep trying and be optimistic.So that, we will always have new spirit to achieve what is been targeted everyday...

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