Thursday, March 6, 2008

Aircraft Engineer

In malaysia,the job prospect for aircraft engineer is more compare to aerospace engineer because our country today is not the country which produce the aeroplane but we be the aeroplane consumer.So,our country need a lot of aircraft maintainer compare to aerospace engineer.

About this job,we did not need degree to enter this career.We only need to have Diploma in Aircraft Maintainance Technology.Then,after taking this diploma,we need to do practical to get experience and to attend the license test to get the license.After getting the license,we can work as Aircraft Maintaineance Engineer License(AMEL).There are many type of license.If we want to repair Boeing 747 aeroplane,we need to have license for it.The highest is License Aircraft Engineer(LAE) which we can choose which part of aircraft we want to maintain such as airframe, engine, instrument, etc.

In this career we can choose which part we want to work.If someone like to work with electrical and electronic equipment you can choose to do avionic which mean Aviation Electronic.You can choose between structure,avionic and mechanical.

Aircraft Maintainence Engineer/Technician are great demand locally/oversea by domestic & international:

-Airlines & LCC such as AirAsia,MAS,Firefly,Emirates
-Maintainance,repair and overhaul (MRO) companies such as Airod,GE
-Aerospace companies such as CTRM
-Aviation companies such as MFA,Sabah Air
-Air Forces/Polices air wing unit

The university that offer this course is UniKL MIAT,and Kolej TAFE Seremban.

Hope this post can help who want to be aerospace engineer or aircraft engineer to think again about their career.GOOD LUCK to all.

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