Saturday, December 25, 2010

Leader: Be a commoner or extraordinary?


        Today is the second last day for the preparation of the tenure next year to be execute and today is the time for us to arise the issues that are happen in the campus.During this time,in our perspectives only already got a lot of things being arise.Most of them are the issues that appear during the end of the semester.Here actually come to my mind about to be a commoner or extraordinary?Be a leader is not a simple work but a tough job need to be done.Like what is written in the book Art of War written by Sun Tzu,he said that we need to determine our field before go to fight there.There are five criteria that need to be consider. One of them is The Moral Law: the leaders need to get the respect from the followers and the followers do what the leaders say.

        This thought come when I think about the situation of the student in the campus. Students nowadays are searching on something difference from the other leaders done. Leaders cannot follow all ehat they request but leaders can make all the students understand the situation because some of the request cannot become reality due to limitation factors.We see the request can be fullfil actually but due to the situation of us as students,it will limit what we want.So, be a leader need to make all the students understand the situation.

        So the question now is commoner or extraordinary? If I want to be a commoner,I can think as what all students think.I want this and that then request to the related parties.But if I want to be an extraordinary,the things that I need to do is fin and use what already have to get the advantage as optimum as we can so that the related parties will find that they really need to give somethings to the students in order to uplift what is already great.This is the way of thinking of an extraordinary persons. We can see this type of thinking when we see the knowledgeable person in the time of Turki Uthmaniyah. The learn all that related on what they investigate. From astronomy knowledge they learn algebraic and come to the sailing techniques and engineering knowledge. The world nowadays need this kind of thinking. We have a lot of resources but still said it not enough to supplies to all of the people in this world but actually the resources is more than enough if it is well manage like the time of Khulafa’ Umar Al-Aziz.

        So,here I wrote as a university students, the level of people who can bring changes in the world. If we can trigger the extraordinary mindset in the university students, It will give benefit to the nation and also the world. The only things need to be done now is the first step so that other can follow the steps.Let us be the pioneer to show the path in order to conquer and make changes in the world.


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